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Domestic / Family Services
Adultery / Infidelity Investigations
Having infidelity  strike in a relationship can be extremely devastating.  Capstone works with the client in a highly confidential manner to protect them and their family.  We are experts when it comes to discreetly obtaining information.  We usually obtain information that most people would rather keep private.  All information is obtained using the latest technology such as Hi Tech video equipment  & Specialized surveillance vehicles.  This information is documented to assist you in making future decisions.

Child Custody / Abuse / Neglect Cases
The welfare and a safe living environment for a child is extremely important, especially when their parents are going through a divorce or custody dispute.  Capstone's professional & licensed investigators can obtain the information needed to support any claims you may have against the other parent/legal guardian.

Workers' Compensation
Workers' Comp premiums are on the rise.  This is because of so many fraudulent or false claims.  Capstone's trained and professional investigators can assist in determining whether or not a claimant is truly injured.  We use the latest technology, including hi tech video equipment to achieve this goal.

Criminal Defense
If you are facing criminal charges or if you have been wrongly accused of a crime, Capstone's investigators are relentless and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome at trial.

Skip Tracing / Locate Services

Whether you are looking for a long lost love, a biological parent or a hard to locate subject for service of process, you can rely on Capstone to locate these individuals.

Pre-Employment Screenings

One of the ways you can protect yourself, your business and your current employees is to be sure your prospective employees have a clean criminal history.  This type of investigation can uncover information that a job interview or resume can't.  It will also assist you in determining whether or not your applicant is of good moral character.



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